Legalize It NC

Posted by NC CBD Guy on Nov 22nd 2020

Legalize It NC

It's nearly Thanksgiving 2020, the world has almost completely gone crazy, the media is manipulating everything, politicians are all still full of shit, Oregon has decriminalized small amounts of ALL drugs, all while poor old NC is still stuck in 1970 "gateway drug" mentality. If you haven't caught on by now, I'm talking about marijuana. 

As of today, 36 of 50 states have legalized some form of marijuana use and polls show around 80% of people believe in at least it being decriminalized at a federal level. Hopefully NC will figure this out sooner than later. The tax revenue alone should be reason enough to speed things up, but I've got a few more to add.

Hemp, marijuana's cousin has been a great agricultural product for the state and created a whole new industry with the production of CBD and other hemp derived products. With 1000's of acres and 1.5 million square feet of indoor greenhouses operating throughout the state, shows farmers are excited about the potential cash crop. The only major difference in cultivation is the active compounds in the final product. THC, the psychoactive compound, is restricted to 0.3% dry weight by volume. These farms could be growing a cash crop worth 5x revenue or more than that of high CBD strains.

Creating a network of licensed farms, processors, distributors, retailers, and a regulatory body not only creates new jobs, but a whole new industry. Adding to the tax revenue from retail sales and the decrease in tax dollars going to enforcement, could be a major swing for local economies. With public tensions with law enforcement where they are today, maybe the "smell of marijuana" shouldn't be cause to escalate a traffic stop. That might be a conversation for another day.....

I think its well beyond time to clean up our clogged justice system with petty non-violent drug possession charges. We live in a nation that glorifies alcohol use, but live in a state where a single joint can get you fired, fined, probation, court dates, ect. Its almost disgusting that if your not drinking at a social function, people start assuming your in recovery. No she's not pregnant and he doesn't have a drinking problem, they smoked before they came and now are just waiting for the desserts to come out. 

I could probably go on and on, page after page. Just remember the bigger picture of who you vote for and what they stand for. Considering how long the fight for legal cannabis has been going on at every level of government, now with such strong support from all demographics, I ask you, are these elected officials truly our representatives, or just puppets to a bigger façade to keep control?

To be continued.....

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